Afentoula Razeli – Welcome

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«Well, I was born in Serres , in April. My family, great voices all of them, elegant and with much passion and revels in the 60’s. My father played a little mandolin. Someone taught him during his exile in Makronisos. Oh, he played the harmonica as well.

Tough times, but then there was hope, as the great spirits and the souls of poets, composers and other artists revived our souls. Manos, Mikis, Loizos, Gatsos, Seferis, Elytis, so special each one of them. Singing was part of our daily lives. I sang before I could speak.

I was meant for it I think. I grew up listening to the voices of Mosholiou and Bithikotsis, and the songs of Greek and foreign groups of the time.Among other things.»

Afentoula Razeli

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